Injury Screenings


Free Injury Screenings



  • Don't use free injury screen; rather, use free orthopaedic assessments
  • This isn't just for sports injuries - can be for work comp, or any ortho injury.


Things to Highlight

  • Free Screening
  • If injury is urgent, can likely accommodate same day appointments with docs
  • Onsite MRI and X-Ray
  • Everything taken care of before patient leaves the office that day
  • Will need to call physical therapy department to schedule this 515-440-2678
  • Certified therapists (have to be clear in promo that the patient will see a therapist, not a doc) working in conjuction with our physicians


Legality: Patients with Medicare CANNOT have a free screening


The Exam

  • Screening last for 15-20 minutes
  • Office hours: 7am - 6:30 pm Monday - Friday (no Saturdays)
  • They'll perform a few exercises/ROM tests , give exercise handouts (if needed), recommendations for care, or schedule an appointment with COSM docs (if needed)
  • Patient should call to schedule time to come in – otherwise they may not be able to be seen if it's a walk in at that time (typically can offer same day appointments). Otherwise, 24-48 hours.
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