Orthopaedic Care for Workers

When it comes to employees, time is money. So when workers have bone or tissue injuries, our goal is to get them in, treated and recovered as quickly as possible.

Together with our workers' comp coordinator, our team of on-site X-ray and MRI techs, our physical therapists and our experienced physicians, we:

  • Get your employees in quickly – usually within a day or two

  • Ensure fast and accurate diagnoses

  • Obtain needed authorizations

  • Provide expert, healing care

  • Keep you in the loop throughout the process

  • Help your employees return to work faster


Kacie Westlake, our workers’ comp coordinator, works with adjusters, case managers and employers as the liaison to Capital Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. She follows each patient’s treatment from start to finish — including appointment scheduling, testing and authorizations. Ashley also coordinates communication between all parties involved and helps with billing resolutions.

If you have any questions or need to help an employee schedule an appointment, call Kacie at 515-222-9675. She’s happy to help!